Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Updates

Mostly, I've been working at BCFA and not on my own work... c'est la vie!

Today was major cleaning day in life and studio. Getting on the right track again. I've given myself a little break because I realized I was exhausted. Now I'm back!

Here's a little book that I'm working on. Tomorrow I'll pick up more paper and continue gluing the print to each little folio. It will be sewn in coptic stitch, but with my own little twist.

Oh, and I'm learning something new! Here's the first fish I caught on my new fly rod. I then proceeded to whap myself in the head with the leader and fly. Ouch!

Learning something new is good for your brain, your emotions and learning about yourself. I found out I have a little bit of a temper. Joel said, "Yeah, now you know how I feel!" Oh dear. Note to self: be more mindful of reactions.

Happy weekend, to all!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things are cooking in the studio

It's about time--  I'm making concerted efforts to work in my own studio on weekends and the occasional evening after work. Considering I don't have much room or time, this has been a challenge to continue working on the large prints I was making before.

I acquired this lovely press from my friend and mentor, and so continue to tweak the technical aspects of printing. Just the fact I have a press is pretty exciting! Thank you JT and Miss P.

So now I continue to make work in the fashion of the large prints, only this time scaled down substantially. The 6" x 6" are still alive and well, now with new information from a whole series of new plates. I debated cutting down the 30"x40" plates, but couldn't bare the thought of chopping them up. Instead I save that information for another time and move on to their smaller cousins.

Here are a few sneak peeks:
 "Studio Corner" (total Living + Studio space is about 265sq ft)

 The beginnings... of what I do not know...yet