Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things are cooking in the studio

It's about time--  I'm making concerted efforts to work in my own studio on weekends and the occasional evening after work. Considering I don't have much room or time, this has been a challenge to continue working on the large prints I was making before.

I acquired this lovely press from my friend and mentor, and so continue to tweak the technical aspects of printing. Just the fact I have a press is pretty exciting! Thank you JT and Miss P.

So now I continue to make work in the fashion of the large prints, only this time scaled down substantially. The 6" x 6" are still alive and well, now with new information from a whole series of new plates. I debated cutting down the 30"x40" plates, but couldn't bare the thought of chopping them up. Instead I save that information for another time and move on to their smaller cousins.

Here are a few sneak peeks:
 "Studio Corner" (total Living + Studio space is about 265sq ft)

 The beginnings... of what I do not know...yet