Thursday, March 10, 2011

Distance between things

It's been awhile. My life since the last post has been full steam ahead and then some!

Having time to reflect on my sojourn in Ohio, I realized I will miss all the wonderful people here. The kind of people I never expected found me. Or maybe we found each other. Perhaps it's because we've all been brought together in this college town and many, like me, are transient in nature. The faculty who have guided and mentored me are here to stay. It is their choice to be in this place, and live a quiet(er) life. And I very much respect that decision. They still have access to contemporary art; within four hours drive are at least 6 major museums, not to mention a plethora of galleries and art centers. Of course, being a university, visiting artists come and go each semester inserting bits of the contemporary artworld as they pass through.

I will also miss the time and space to make my work. It has truly been a gift. An opportunity recently fell into my lap and it's really got me thinking. All my adult life, I have wanted to open an art center with a residency program-- the gift of time and space for making, given to myself and others. Suddenly, this amazing opportunity is staring me in the face. I had imagined taking my time with growing and building my vision. Start-up money and a building, equipment and a great team would take time to develop. At this moment, I stare back comparing this new opportunity with my original vision; it looks like what I had imagined only many years into the endeavor. As I type, buildings are already built, money is available and the role of director is open, waiting for me.

Though no formal offer has been made-- we're trying each other on like a new sweater, checking to be sure the color and fit match-- I have high hopes for making this work. What their vision is, is not exactly clear. The start-up nature of these projects is often nebulous and vague, especially with no prior art experience on their part. An incredible amount of research has already gone into the project on their part, and of course on mine. Understanding the needs of the artists and the needs of the program will be a balancing act. Most likely, this will change and grow, evolving with each group-- visual artists, musicians and writers.

There are so many reasons I know I'm cut out for this job. And it's a big job! I stare back in the face of opportunity and smile. There will be moments of fear and uncertainty; in fact, there already have been. I will make mistakes, but learn and grow from them. But knowing how to succeed is something I'm good at. Taking risks is part of it. Balance is another. Trust in myself, trust in my comrades. Gratefulness and thanks to my teachers who have encouraged and mentored me; many thanks to their teachers too.

Even if I don't land this dream job, I won't be sad. It's given me time for great reflection on how far I've come. How lucky I am, that I'm doing what I love. ...and someday soon I might make a decent wage doing it! That being said, think those good hippie vibes and help me land this job! I'd love to be the one who welcome you as the next artist-in-residence at Brush Creek Ranch.