Friday, August 20, 2010

Highs and Lows

It's been a while. Did you miss me? I missed myself for a bit. I was down in the dumps coming back to Bowling Green. Joel and I weren't getting along like we normally do, sacrificing our relationship for that of a friend's marriage. Not making time for one another-- to love each other, vent to each other and just be with each other. When I got back to Ohio I couldn't find my work. That's not to say it was missing, it just wasn't coming. At all. Not a drop of creativity or making, or wanting to make. I just felt empty. Focusing too much on fears of teaching, fears of making and just plain old being a scaredy-cat can be crippling to a girl.

But I'm back! Head and heart are open and ready. Learning "no" can be a liberating yet difficult thing to do. I was able to stand up for myself recently and it felt great. I will not be teaching a 4D class that I would have no clue how to even start. (If you're wondering, like I was, what the hell is the 4th dimension?! They consider it time and space; teaching video, performance and animations.) I get to stick with foundations drawing and not feel a bit bad about it. In fact, I'm quite excited!

Sense of Place,
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art

Oh the power of positive thinking. I got work into Sense of Place, an exhibition in August, Georgia. Seems quite fitting for my work so I was happy to be one of the chosen artists. I was talking to my friend here about selling work. "I'm selling this piece," I said affirmatively. A little later in the week, today in fact, I got a phone call from the Toledo Art Museum and I sold the work I had in the TAA show!

Highs and Lows
Sold at the TAA

So, on that note. Both my head and my heart are both beaming a little right now. The world is a beautiful place, even at the times when it seems the lowest.


  1. Hi Katie. I follow you on Twitter. Congrats on the sales. Always helps when you hit the low places. Anyway, love the atmospheric feel of these two pieces.

    Enjoy teaching!

  2. Wow, go you! I love the work you showed in this post.
    If I were asked to teach a class on the 4th dimension, I would just be reading out of a Carl Sagan book every session.